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Webinar on Registration of OTC & Rx drugs in Brazil and Fast-track process!

Brazil is the 5th largest OTC & Pharma market in the world and the biggest one in Latin America. With a reduction of more than 36% on the average time, Brazil’s regulatory agency has been optimizing and updating the pre-market registration in order to speed up the process.

Our experts have prepared a regulatory insider webinar to take place on September 2nd at 16:00 (Berlin time) to share the latest update on the registration process in Brazil and how you can efficiently access the OTC, Rx, and Phytomedicine market in Brazil.

The 30-minute (+ questions) webinar will cover: 

–       What is required by ANVISA when it comes to OTC & Rx drug registration;

–       How to use the new regulatory fast track/short-cuts in registration to be on the market quickly; 

–       How to hold and transfer your registration in Brazil; 

–       What are the costs and time duration regarding the new improved ANVISA process;

–       How to comply with GMP requirements in Brazil;

–       Generic x Unbranded-Generic, how they differ on the registration process.

 If you are looking for market entry or expanding your OTC & Rx business into Brazil, developing these products and looking for new business opportunities, or just curious and interested in the registration process in Brazil and GMP certificate, this webinar is for you! To register, please email Mrs Ayan Salayeva at go@chameleon-pharma.com and follow us on social media to stay up to date on what other insider topics we will cover next.




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