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Pharma Consulting

Conducting international business in the Pharma industry can oftentimes be confusing. Differing country regulations, import laws, Patient/consumer behaviors, and trends are not always clear and straightforward. Regardless of your business goals, having a partner with in-depth local understanding can greatly ensure your chances of success in a new market. Our Chameleon Pharma associates have local expertise in several international emerging and developed markets, and they keep themselves up-to-date with the recent changes and challenges in the global Pharma market to be able to better assist you. CPC experts know exactly how to capitalize on global trends and changes, so if you are looking for a straightforward path to pharma market entry, look no further.




Global Pharma Market Growth
Source: Chameleon Pharma Consulting


Selected Pharma Consulting projects we at Chameleon Pharma have worked on:

  1. Consulted a European Pharma and Consumer Health company on market entry into multiple CIS/CEE including Russia and Ukraine markets through the development of a comprehensive multi-stage strategic portfolio analysis and distribution strategy.
  2. Using our CPC Systematic International Partner Company Identification process, we supported a US Derma and Pharma company to identify the best fitting four LATAM markets in two specific indication groups.
  3. We have guided an international Medical Device & Pharma company through the complex registration processes to successfully obtain registration for their product in several LATAM countries incl. Brazil and Mexico.
  4. We have supported an active international Pharma, MD, and OTC company to identify a focus strategy for their export markets. As a result, we analyzed the current and future potential of their 45 export markets and concluded on the 20 markets to focus on in the future.
  5. We have helped a privately owned Pharma and Consumer Health company to enter into the government and out of pocket niche segments in different Asian and CIS countries including Russia, China, and the Philippines with their unique portfolio strategy and completed an analysis of the possible product pricing. Moreover, we helped to sign licensing and M&A agreements.
  6. We have guided a large OTC & Pharma company to successful market entry into 5 Asian countries (Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand) through an in-depth portfolio management analysis and the development of multiple strategy scenarios specific to three most relevant patient groups.


Using Innovative Concepts to Survive and Thrive in the Competitive Pharma Market

Our experts believe that the patient demand for pharma products will still remain robust in spite of the economic downturn in many parts of the world. The exponential growth rate of 5-8% in the global Pharma market reflects the loss of patent protection for top drugs in mature markets as well as the rapid growth in the Emerging Pharma Markets. However, most emerging markets are demonstrating higher than average growth, signaling the good potential for your international business. The main market drivers of growth are similar in all regions of the world, caused by phenomena such as aging populations, changing lifestyles, hectic daily activities, unhealthy eating habits, and the increasing incidence of chronic diseases around the world. These and other factors will provide growth opportunities for industry players.

Entering International Markets

The international Pharma market is, meanwhile, highly competitive. Add the fact that companies are confronted with many difficulties and challenges when entering new markets: complicated Pharma registration processes, strict rules from Pharma regulatory bodies, the constant patent expires, and the need for extensive and high-cost R&D that involves time-consuming clinical studies. Pharma companies are under constant pressure since only top-selling or blockbuster drugs can be guaranteed to remain strong and competitive on the market. Having said this, Pharma companies need differentiated market entry strategies as well as good sitting local partner companies in order to be successful.

There are several changes in this segment to be noted: a shift in growth from the developed Pharma markets to the Emerging Pharma Markets, an increasing focus on bio-pharmaceuticals compared to small molecular drugs and distribution changes in the way of selling products on- and off-line via pharmacy chains, mail order and a market platform like Alibaba, Amazon, etc.

The Emerging Pharma Markets develop and grow so quickly; you should consider becoming a strong growth player by switching your focus and investments to the Emerging international Pharma markets. Pharma companies that generate 70% of their sales outside their home market are more independent from currency changes, market shortfalls and other crises to come.