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Graph showing that Pharmacy Chains make up 40% of the total market share in China, Russia, Mexico and the US

The Pharma retail market is heavily influenced by changes such as the emergence of new technologies, adjustments in reimbursement schemes, and the shift in power from the doctor to the payer (healthcare provider). All these changes have a significant impact on the healthcare system, but importantly, they have the power to greatly influence your Pharma retail business margins. It may be worth considering having a trustworthy partner who can act as a guide in this rapidly changing industry to analyze Pharma retail trends and implement them in an efficient strategy.
Interestingly that the four leading Pharma markets China, Russia, Mexico, and the US about 40% of the pharma sales is in the hand of pharmacy chains.


Selected Pharma Retail projects we at Chameleon Pharma have worked on


We have conducted a comprehensive expert study of digital retail marketplace trends and future opportunities in four key international markets, the US, Russia, China, and Mexico.


We have consulted a leading EU Pharmacy chain on opportunities and the implementation of innovative digital pharmacy strategies for local expansion to multiple European regions.


Analyzed the retail sector in multiple CEE/CIS countries such as Poland, Ukraine, and Russia to develop a unique international growth strategy to ensure successful market entry with minimal competition.


We have supported the expansion of a European pharmacy chain to multiple Asian markets through the identification of strategic local acquisition targets.


Conducted a systematic pharmacy and retail analysis for a European OTC / FS and pharma client to identify the three top retail distribution channels for international market expansion.


Supported a number of investors to identify acquisition targets in pharma retail e.g. pharmacy chains, online pharmacies in Europe, CIS inc. Russia and Latam.

Global Changes Influencing the Pharma Retail Market

The changes in Pharma retail — caused by new technologies, the changes in the reimbursement, and the shift in power from the doctor to the payer (healthcare provider)—have had a significant impact on the healthcare system as a whole. This is especially relevant for emerging markets, where existing Pharma Retail practices and channels are less developed and more flexible to change.

Patients find it very convenient to find all their healthcare products and services in retail pharmacies. The combination of accessible OTC drugs, technology-enabled innovation, and in-person services delivered by pharmacies can help them avoid hospitalizations and expensive visits to doctors’ offices—and all these fuels the Pharma Retail and Pharmacy Chains Industry.


After a long period of profits and steady growth for the Pharma Industry, it’s now the Pharma Retail segment’s turn to undergo significant worldwide changes. Key cost drivers such as rising rent on pharmacy buildings, more qualified personnel, new IT systems, more QC requirements, and additional government taxes have made the lives of pharmacies very challenging.


The Pharma Retail layouts are very diverse and differ dramatically across countries. The organization and regulatory processes of this segment have been influenced by the histories and traditions of each country. That’s why you have to bear in mind:  what works well in one country is not necessarily successful in another.

In many countries, Pharmacy Chains exist even with doctor offices next door; in others, Pharmacy Chains are forbidden by law. Our CPC Experts combine deep Pharma Retail industry expertise with experience in all major regions and functional areas.

The encroachment of online marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba in the Pharmacy Retail segment could greatly disrupt existing channels. Consumer trends are shifting towards more online-focused distribution channels, so you must find a way to keep your customers through innovating new solutions.

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