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Systematic International Partner Company Identification 

The Systematic Way to Gain International Revenues


CPC has a team of Healthcare Consulting experts with long-standing experience in Emerging Markets. We at Chameleon Pharma Consulting support our clients in the establishment of new businesses to gain additional sales in growing Healthcare Markets. After accomplishing many international projects, we have developed our own approach, which we have fine-tuned over the last five years: the Systematic International Partner Company Identification.

Systematic International Partner Company Identification

When launching products in growing Emerging Markets, we thoroughly study all the characteristics of the country‘s healthcare needs and work out a specific market entry strategy.

This systematic analysis is very helpful in identifying most suitable partners for our clients. In addition, the client will also gain an understanding of which partners may be satisfactory but do not necessarily mesh with their segments/products. The entire qualitative search for a client’s most suitable partner—including a business case—can usually be completed in just 10-12 weeks.

Steps to a successful partner identification

Graphic by Larissa Hielscher, Serotonin Design

CPC Systematic Local Partner Search Process

The Systematic International Partner Company Identification Process (see diagram) will save our clients time and money and put your company in the position to rapidly generate additional sales in Emerging Markets.

What you can expect from us

Working together

We work together with your international team 

10-12 weeks

We screen all available and fitting distribution partners quickly. In only 10-12 weeks, we identify the right dynamic partner and you can get started

Save time and money

While you concentrate on daily business, we wokr on your partner search, prioritizing speed, and transparency. You save valuable time and money, avoiding the “getting-to-know-you meetings” in the partner selection process. 

Finding the right partner

When you land on the right partner, you define your success in the market. Our philosophy is to find the right partner who fits your organization, products, and philosophy—this has been our formula for success for many years.

Regulatory Experts

We are experts in the regulatory environment in Emerging Markets.

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