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WEM News – Chameleon Pharma Consulting’s Magazine

Our professional Business Insight Magazine on international Pharma and Consumer Health Care Markets

WEM News is Chameleon Pharma Consulting’s professional in-house magazine that provides specialised insights on the latest trends, opportunities and changes in the Healthcare and Pharma industry.

Why WEM News is a reference document for Pharma companies:

  • WEM News provides the latest and most updated market data on Pharma Emerging Markets.
  • It includes interviews with leading experts in the Pharma, Consumer Health, Medical Devices and Cosmetics sectors for deeper, more specialised information.
  • It is a complete, thorough and professional publication, and the information is synthesised in a simple and direct way.
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WEM News

Picking the right fruit!

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WEM News

How to successfully enter new markets

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WEM News

What is the best way to market entry in Asia, Europe, CIS, or Latin America?

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WEM News

How to become less independent from your home country

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