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The Rising Trend of Male Segment in Aesthetic Medicine: High-Potential Markets in Latin America and Asia

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The landscape of aesthetic medicine is rapidly evolving, with men increasingly seeking both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The share of men among total non-surgical procedures performed globally is forecasted to reach 36% by 2035, growing at an impressive CAGR of 13.38%. This shift opens new opportunities, particularly in emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia. CPC has identified key trends and high-potential areas for the aesthetic medicine industry to capitalize on these growing demands. 


Top Procedures and Trends Among Men 

Among the most popular surgical procedures for men are liposuction, eyelid surgery, and gynecomastia correction. On the non-surgical front, the top procedures include botulinum toxin injections (Botox), hyaluronic acid fillers, and hair removal treatments.  

These minimally invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular due to their quick results and minimal downtime. Notably, the share of men among the total non-surgical procedures performed worldwide continuously increased these last years and is forecasted to reach 36% by 2035, growing at an impressive CAGR of 13.38%.

Infographics showing the share of men among total nonsurgical procedures performed globally with 2035 forecast

Figure 1. The share of men among total nonsurgical procedures  


The market for non-surgical treatments represents a significant potential, particularly with emerging trends such as:  

  • Non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring 
  • Facial rejuvenation 
  • Hair restoration 
  • Injectable treatments 
  • Muscle enhancement 
  • Regenerative medicine  
Infographics about the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine for men

Figure 2. Latest innovations in aesthetic medicine for men 


Men increasingly opt for non-invasive procedures that offer subtle yet impactful enhancements. According to ISAPS data, these treatments have grown by 85% among men, underscoring their appeal, with chemical peel, hair removal, and botulinum toxin showing the highest growth rates. While women still receive most of aesthetic procedures, the rate of increase for men is significantly higher. The stable share of men in surgical procedures and the increasing demand for non-surgical treatments highlight a lucrative opportunity. 

Infographics about the Non-surgical Aesthetic Procedures with the Highest Increase among Male Patients

Figure 3. Non-surgical Aesthetic Procedures with the Highest Increase among Male Patients 


Unlock the Market Potential of Latin America and Asia 

In both Latin America and Asia, the cultural perception of masculinity is evolving. Health and fitness routines now frequently incorporate visits to aesthetic doctors. In Latin America, particularly in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, aesthetic procedures are widely accepted, and the market is thriving. In Asia, countries like South Korea, China and Japan are seeing significant growth in male aesthetic procedures, driven by societal acceptance and increasing disposable incomes. 

Infographics about the Countries with the Highest Share of Men Undergoing Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Figure 4. Countries with the Highest Share of Men Undergoing Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures 


Men are no longer focusing only on their careers and physical fitness but are also investing in their appearance to boost self-esteem and confidence. The rise of social media and the influence of celebrities and influencers sharing their aesthetic journeys have made cosmetic procedures more culturally acceptable. This trend is particularly pronounced in Asia, where social media plays a pivotal role in shaping beauty standards. Thus, Latin America and Asia represent high-potential markets ripe for expansion. 

The booming male aesthetic medicine market in Latin America and Asia offers a lucrative opportunity. By understanding the evolving trends and embracing the rise of men’s aesthetic procedures, companies can achieve significant market penetration and success in these promising regions 

Chameleon Pharma Consulting Group expertise helps companies navigate these cultural landscapes with tailored strategies, leveraging local insights to capture this growing clientele. We offer market entry, product/market analysis, and regulatory services, ensuring your strategies align perfectly with the evolving demands and opportunities within Asian and Latin-American’s promising aesthetic markets. 

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