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Peleş castle in Romania

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Romania: a growing Consumer Health and Pharma market 

Romania’s Consumer Healthcare and Pharma market is growing and expanding, demonstrating huge potential you may want to consider for your international strategy.

Roma­nia is located in south-eastern Europe, bor­der­ing Hun­gary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bul­garia and Ser­bia. In 2021, the population was estimated to be around 21,2 million, making it one of the most populous countries in the region. 

After Poland, Roma­nia is the biggest coun­try in the CEE region in terms of inhab­i­tants, and health­care fund­ing comes largely through the National Health Insur­ance Fund. Health­care pro­vi­sions are pre­dom­i­nantly man­aged by the state, although the pri­vate health sec­tor is show­ing more poten­tial and good growth rates. 

Gov­ern­ment health expen­di­ture is very low, even by East­ern Euro­pean stan­dards: Roma­nia spends around 5.6% of its GDP on health­care. The majority of the Health­care mar­ket is sup­plied by imports, which amounted to USD 3,89 billion in 2019. The OTC and pharma market should, according to the Chameleon Pharma Consulting Group forecasts, reach USD 5,09 billion by 2035, at ex-factory prices.

If you haven’t invested in Roma­nia yet, you might con­sider it before other com­pa­nies take your place. The Chameleon Pharma Consulting Group is here to assist you with your strategy. 

Romania OTC and pharma market in 2035

USD 5,09 Billion

OTC and pharma market size, ex-factory


OTC and pharma market growth

Romania in numbers

Total population


Population growth

Birth rate

Mortality rate

Life expectancy

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