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Peleş castle in Romania

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The OTC and pharma market in Romania 

Roma­nia is located in south-eastern Europe, bor­der­ing Hun­gary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bul­garia and Ser­bia. In 2012, the pop­u­la­tion was esti­mated to be around 21.4 mil­lion, mak­ing it one of the most pop­u­lous coun­tries in the region. Roma­nia became an EU mem­ber state in 2007.

After Poland, Roma­nia is the biggest coun­try in the CEE region in terms of inhab­i­tants, and health­care fund­ing comes largely through the National Health Insur­ance Fund. Health­care pro­vi­sions are pre­dom­i­nantly man­aged by the state, although the pri­vate health sec­tor is show­ing more poten­tial and good growth rates. Gov­ern­ment health expen­di­ture is very low, even by East­ern Euro­pean stan­dards: Roma­nia spends around 5.6% of its GDP on health­care. Almost 90% of the Health­care mar­ket is sup­plied by imports.

Roma­nia has a aver­age cur­rent growth rate of 11% and promises a future annual rate of about 12.5%. If you haven’t invested in Roma­nia yet, you might con­sider it before other com­pa­nies take your place.


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