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Pharmacy Weight Management Market. Do you want to know more?

Pharmacy Weight Management Market. Do you want to know more?

Since 1975 worldwide obesity has tripled. Therefore, weight loss and diet management products are gaining increasing demand around the globe and the market is becoming more and more interesting for observation.

Due to the increasing number of people belonging to the overweight category, accounting to 38,9% of the adult world population today, the Global Weight Loss and Weight Management Products Market is also expected to continue growing.

Major influences on the Market growth of the Slimming market include the obesity and overweight population´s rates of increase. They are both measured using the BMI Index, defined as the body mass divided by the square of body height of a person. The highest rate overweight population is in the USA, amounting to 67.9% of the population that have BMI above 25 kg/m2. Overall in the Americas region the obesity rates are relatively high with an average of 7, 8/10 obesity risk. In comparison, the Asian region possesses much lower risks – for example, Philippines has an obesity risk of 6/10.

Further influential factors on the development of the market include unhealthy foods and drinks consumption or sugar intake of the population. Regarding Coca-Cola consumption, especially the countries from the Americas – Mexico, Chile and USA, hold the leading positions. On the contrary, Asian countries do not even qualify for this category, having the lowest consumption. Specifically in Americas, high sugar intake (USA amounts to 66,2 kg per capita per year), combined with insufficient physical activity are big problems contributing to the population´s  obesity. 

Coming in depth more into the market specifics, all weight management products promise to lose weight, being sold as tablets, capsules. In Asia, especially there is high diversity of teas, coffees, liquids and natural ingredients consumed, while in the Americas there is more focus on Food Supplements. 

In terms of public awareness, there are numerous associations worldwide trying to come up with plans how to cope with the obesity pandemic, but they do not favour the slimming products market, on the contrary – rather criticize it. They do not recommend going with a slimming product, but instead see a healthcare professional, reduce calories intake and increase exercise. 

Definitely another significant point to be careful with in this market is the Regulatory barriers, since as there has been numerous products emerging into the market in different countries, there are often problems arising with the legal status, ingredients used, customer health consideration, etc. so all these factors need to be carefully considered before a potential new Market entry. 

The most important factors influencing the Weight Management Market Growth include the population´s overweight and obesity rates of increase and the nations´ habits, such as unhealthy products consumption or physical activity and regulatory barriers. The America´s world region is dominating in all these categories and is expected to continue dominating the market.

Infographic showing the percentage of the Overweight population in Asia (32 - 40%), Americas (60 - 65%) and Globally (37 - 42%)

Figure: Overview of Obesity

Featured image at the top: Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash


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