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Pharmacy chain 36,6 has signed partnership agreement with supermarket group DIXY

36,6 is one of the key players in the Russian pharmacy market. The company specializes in retail sales of Rx and OTC products as well as drugstore equipment and cosmetics. In addition, 36,6 owns pharmacy brands such as Apteki Gorzdrav, Stary Lekar and 03 Apteka. The 36,6 chain accounts for approximately eight hundred pharmacies in twenty regions of Russia.

36,6 has recently signed an agreement with the supermarket chain DIXY to acquire priority rights to distribute their pharma products in DIXY’s supermarkets. Some of 36,6’s subsidiaries are already located in DIXY outlets in the Moscow area and throughout the capital. Moreover, the agreement allows pharmacies to be opened in the supermarket chains U doma and Victoria which are also owned by DIXY.

The DIXY Director of external relations, Ekaterina Kumanina, has said that this cooperation will give customers the opportunity to buy important medications along with grocery products close to their homes. Additionally, since 36,6 is a well-established partner, the DIXY group can rely on the quality and price of their services.

Both companies plan to expand beyond the Moscow region as well.

Other big pharmacies already have agreements with grocery retail groups. For instance, the pharmacy group A5 is planning to open approximately one thousand branches in grocery stores belonging to theX5 Retail group, which owns supermarket chains such as Perekrestok, Pyaterochka and Karusel.

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