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Novo Nordisk is a well-known international pharmaceutical corporation, specializing in insulin products. It has been one of the leaders for diabetes treatment products for over ninety years. The company has offices in about seventy-five countries and has approximately 41,500 employees. It has production facilities in Denmark, France, Brazil, China and the U.S. and many other places.
After two years of construction, it has recently opened a production plant in Kaluga, Russia.

It is estimated that there are about ten million people suffering from diabetes in Russia. The plant is thus very important for Russian citizens who need insulin products several times a day.
The new plant will include facilities for manufacturing insulin solutions, filling and packaging. The plant consists of multiple high-tech production tools and corresponds to GMP standards.
The plant was built according to the latest ecological standards. This is the first production facility in Russia built in this way. The facility will have safe and eco-friendly levels of CO2 emission, water consumption and energy consumption. Moreover, the plant provides employment for more than 150 people.

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