Mexio OTC & Pharma Market: Nice growth with high prices!

Mexico has the second largest OTC & Pharma market in Latin America and is one of the strongest economies in Latin America. With 128 Mio. inhabitants Mexico is the TOP 11 biggest country in the world. Mexico has a growing middle class, an aging population and the improving access to health care services is greatly increasing the consumer demand for OTC & Pharma products. The government is trying to transform the healthcare system model from its current focus on healing towards a focus on disease prevention, and is driving to introduce policies and programs that innovative research and new products.
Still however the private market is the most interesting as well as two other “hiddenmarkets.

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Mexico is perceived as an Emerging Market that has an enormous potential, and companies have high expectations for their local subsidiaries or their local partners. The high growth expectations however need to be aligned with country specific situations and needs. The way to success in Mexico is to adapt the marketing mix to the local needs in the country.

In 2018 experts expect a market size of more than15bil. US$ in value and close to 30. US$ by 2030. The Mexican market is not easy to understand, even with a good local network. Mexico will clearly belong to
world TOP 10 OTC & Pharma markets in the coming 3 years.

The Mexican market is growing 3-4 times the average European growth numbers, especially in the OTC and the Rx. out of pocket private market we can observe excellent growth rates with high prices in a number of categories.

Mexico OTC & Pharma Private Market
The private sector represents 51% of the market and 91.5% of this amount is out of pocket expense. Mexico is an interesting doctor driven market, meaning that the specialists play an important role in recommendation & prescription of Rx. products. Moreover the recommendation of OTC products via specialists has shown good success for many brands e.g. in the paediatric, gynaecology segment.

Mexico – the public sector
The Mexican public sector which represents about 49% of total spending in healthcare is currently going through reforms. There is no magic formula or unique strategy to face current challenges. The public spending in healthcare is under strong control. The best option is to efficiently manage a restricted public budget and align expectations accordingly with a good local network.

Moreover approx. 40% of the total Mexico market (not covered by market data) move through alternative market channels. This is a very special segment in Mexico. The channels encompass the branded generic drugstore chain Farmacias Similares, generics’ drugstores and generic-only wholesale clubs, which are warehouses, where independent pharmacies go and by directly branded generics. There are two more market segments which are not covered by market data providers, which makes Mexico a complex market to understand for market entry and for understanding the potential of new products launches.


picture by katiebordner – Ciclovia in Mexico City

CPC Added Value in Mexico
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