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How Important is Influencer Marketing in Healthcare?

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is“

Scott Cook

Did we ever think to flaunt our flaws? Yes, it is possible with Influencer Marketing in the healthcare sector where a person with a chronic medical condition can also influence a group of people.

So was the story of Aysha Chaudhary who was born with severe combined immunodeficiency and knew that her days were countable. But it did not stop her from being a remarkable motivational speaker at TedX and other platforms and publish her own book.

The marketing techniques in the healthcare industry have to abide by the Therapeutic Products Act. This prohibits advertising of medicinal products that are subject to authorization outside of specialist circles. Over time this had caused a hindrance to implementing newer marketing techniques. Nevertheless, influencer marketing has evolved significantly when not portrayed in a very commercial manner. In the case of Over-the-Counter products, food supplements and disease awareness campaigns the regulations are flexible.

Let us understand why this should be the utmost choice for the healthcare industry. Due to current developments influencer marketing has become more professional, demanding. Through Influencers high engagement rates can be achieved in lesser time.  WEGO Health, which is a Boston based web platform, connects Consumer Health and Pharma companies with potential social media influencers. Videos on complex topics can be prepared in a more understandable way with influencers as moderator. It is believed that around 64% of Germans relied on the internet to research health-related information.

Eye-level communication, reaching the niche target group, being credible and focusing on disease awareness campaigns are the measures to success. It is because in this segment influencers communicate with their followers about highly sensitive issues.  Influencer marketing if applied strategically can leave a long-lasting impression in the consumers’ minds. The possibilities in this field remain endless.

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