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Recently, 3D printing technology once again proved that the reality is catching up with what once was only our imagination.

The new dissolvable pill “Spritam” has, with the help of 3D printing, been created by the private held company “Aprecia Pharmaceutical” and can be used for additional treatment of seizures by people suffering from epilepsy. The drug is the first of its kind to be approved by the American FDA.

The principle behind 3D printing is the multilayer printing and so called “raising” of a solid object via injection of different compounds. For pharmaceuticals, this means that medications can be layered and tightly packed into a single tablet, while simultaneously enabling the pill to instantly dissolve with just a sip of liquid. This new technique also allows a closer control of doses, as pills can be adjusted to individual needs.

Various industries have developed individual business concepts with making use of this new technology. Some branches of the healthcare industry are already using 3D printing. External organs like ears or noses or organ segments which have been damaged can be generated by the printers. Soon, 3D printers may enable the creation of whole organs, which would be a milestone in organ transplantation.

Featured image:  3D Printer by MKzero

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