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Did you know? Skin care shops are dominating the Colombian beauty market?

Colombia is the 5th biggest skin care market in Latin America, with Bogota accounting for almost 50% of the cosmetic sales in the country.

The skin care shop industry is being dominated by four key players: Bella Piel, Medi Piel, Prosalon and Fedco. Due to Bogota’s projected growth the city has become the preferred market for foreign investors and therefore international companies capture more than half the cosmetics market. As a result, most Colombian skin care shops are located here.

Skin care shops in Colombia are owned by four main companies. Bella Piel is one of these companies, specialized in the commercialization and distribution of skin care products. Founded in 2004, Bella Piel has grown at an incredible pace, with a growth factor of 30.3%. Nowadays, they have over 60 stores, mainly located in Bogota, as well as an online shop and a delivery service.

An additional group of shops specialized in dermatology is owned by Medi Piel, offering more than 50 national and international brands. In these shops clients are able to acquire products, such as medicines and cosmetics that are formulated by their own dermatologists. They also offer advice on products necessary for the daily skin care routine. Medi Piel currently owns around 35 stores in four cities, with 75% of their stores located in Medellin.

Another major player in the Colombian skin care industry is Prosalon, which belongs to Fondo de Capital Altra and Beauty Salon. They have a portfolio with around 3500 products and own over 115 stores in Colombia, 105 of which are Cromantic stores. Cromantic is one of the leading brands in Colombia, selling national and international skin care products as well as a variety of other cosmetic products, with stores in over 20 cities. Moreover, Prosalon has entered the luxury cosmetic industry with their brand Blind, which is responsible for 20% of the company’s sales. Most of its 13 stores are located in Bogota, with additional stores in Medellin, Cali, Perreira, Cartagena, Baranquill and Bucaramnaga.

An additional key player in the Colombian skin care industry is Fedco. The brand used to be the most lucrative skin care shop owner; however they have experienced a major decline over the last couple of years and therefore had to close several of their shops. Even though the sales in their physical stores have declined, the online shop is still steadily growing. Moreover, Fedco is a partial franchisee for Mac Cosmetics, with two stores in Bogota, and the exclusive representative and distributor of brands such as Smashbox and Gosh.

Featured image: Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash 


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