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Curious about the Pharma Tenders procedure in Mexico?

Curious about the Pharma Tenders procedure in Mexico?

The Pharma Tenders Procedure, being represented by public or private organizations inviting businesses in a bidding for certain services or products, has substantially changed in Mexico in recent years.

Starting from the beginning, in Mexico there was a problematic situation before the agreement, when 60% of the drugs and medical devices sales to the government were performed by three major companies.  The three suppliers of medicines and healing materials held 62.4% of all purchases made by governmental institutions, excluding the Ministry of Health and local governments.

However, a change of presidency  brought to the signing of the agreement with the United Nations Office for Project Services – UNOPS, to entrust it with the management of the consolidated purchase of medicines and medical supplies for the period 2021-2024. The agreement covers the entire Consumer Healthcare sector, but there would be only one government institution – the National Institute of Health for Wellbeing (INSABI) able to coordinate the consolidated purchase of medicine together with UNOPS.

Tender procedure in MExico

Figure: The Yearly Tender Procedure

Which type of Tenders exist in Mexico?

Generally, there are three types – Yearly Tender, Small Tender and Direct Purchases.  

Starting with the Yearly Pharma Tender, its main objective is supplying the government healthcare institutions via maximizing open competition and opportunities. It is organized by INSABI with the support of UNOPS, as the supervisor to avoid corruption. The procedure includes overall two bids – for Drugs and for Medical devices, the companies wanting to participate are required to register through esourcing.unops.org and an UN Global Marketplace account. Furthermore, the product being sold should be registered in Mexico with COFEPRIS and be the MAH. However, a company registered in UNOPS can directly sell the drug product into the Mexican country without local sales or marketing organizations.

Secondly, if the yearly tender has not provided enough supply for the annual period or it has organizational issues, a small tender is formed. Small tenders can be organized by INSABI or by another public health institution with enough budget. The main requirement is that the product´s company is registered and placed in Mexico. Other than that, this type of tender is open for everyone who wants to participate. 

Mexican small flags on a building

Last but not least follows the Direct Pharma Purchase Tenders, organized when there is an urgent lack of supply and a small tender is not possible. The institution in need of products will invite 3 companies to supply and at the end select one of them or sometimes order partially from different firms, if the situation demands it. Among the requirements is a registration and company placement in Mexico, but overall is open for everyone, who follows the general tender requirements.

Do you want to know more about the Pharma Tender Procedure and how to enter the expanding Government market in Mexico? We, at Chameleon Pharma, are always ready to support you and your company in exploring new markets!

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