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CPC Regulatory Guidelines


Companies expanding into Emerging Markets face the challenge of getting their products registered. Diverse regulations, registration procedures and country-specific requirements often delay the market entry of companies. Many international companies fail trying to register their product the first time, thus, losing large amounts of time and money in the process.

For these reasons, our CPC Regulatory experts have developed a series of regulatory guidelines that that will provide you with insights on the current regulations in the Emerging Markets which include:

  • Regulatory guidelines covering the most important Emerging economies around the globe.
  • Current regulations for OTC, Rx, MD, Phytomedicines, Dietary Supplements, Homeopathic and Cosmetic
  • Clear regulatory process to register your products in each country and possible registration short-cuts, thus cutting time, costs and the complexity of the registration process.
  • Applicable regulations during the lifecycle of your products.
  • Classification of your products in each country

By accessing our Regulatory Guidelines you will get up-to-date regulatory information about the challenges and opportunities in the Emerging Markets. This will allow you to make informed decisions and to design international regulatory strategies to successfully register your products. Moreover, there are regulatory shortcuts available in these countries to get your approvals in a shorter period of time and starting your business earlier, which will provide you with the competitive edge that you need.

Chameleon Pharma has long-standing experience in the Emerging Markets. Our experts have worked in this market sector for over 20 years. Additionally, we have worked on a daily basis in the Emerging Markets, where we have acquired know-how, experience and up-to-date knowledge about current regulations, procedures, shortcuts and pitfalls of the registration process and post-approval activities. Our experts are aware of the ongoing discussions to change the regulatory framework of the specific region and are ready to help you at any time.

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