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Over the past years, Chameleon Pharma Consulting has been a speaker in several European Pharma Events focusing on Consumer Health, OTC and Rx areas. We are engaged with important and complex issues in a Healthcare Consulting in the Emerging Markets.

7th European Pharma Licensing Symposium in Prague

The last conference we spoke at was the 7th European Pharma Licensing Symposium, held on September 23rd and 24th 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic. As a major Pharma event, the symposium attracted Pharma leaders from three continents.

The president of our company, Mr. Reiner Christensen, has been honoured to speak and share his experience and insights on the topic of “Are All the Emerging Markets Paying Their Way?” He pointed out the significant role of Emerging Markets in the Consumer Health, Rx and OTC fields. While BRIC countries are the most appealing markets for the Healthcare industry, Rx imported products struggle to compete with local companies and face immense pressure. On the other hand, some other Pharma Emerging Markets show a dynamic development of Healthcare industry and demand for Consumer Health, OTC and Rx products.

Featured image at the top: Photo by Maksym Harbar on Unsplash


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