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CPC Portfolio Analysis


The Key Benefi­ts from our CPC Portfolio Analysis and Management Approach

In formal terms, a ‘portfolio analysis’ is a study of the performance of specific portfolios under different circumstances, including strategies for achieving the best trade-offs between potential risks and returns.

With regards to healthcare, the approach can be very different. Within the Pharma Rx. OTC and Medical Device Market, business managers may wish to receive the results of a portfolio analysis about R&D pipeline products because most of their costs and capital have centred in this area.

The necessity of a portfolio analysis of marketing costs before launching or pushing a new or pre-existing brand might be one of the biggest questions coming from management in OTC and Cosmetic Markets. Moreover, this kind of portfolio analysis could also create a good amount of transparency when comparing countries and business units, as well as before entering into new markets or launching new products.

The key benefi­ts from our CPC Portfolio Analysis Approach are:

–         Shedding light on your poor dogs, stars, cash cows and question marks

–         Offering detailed analyses of markets five years in the future

–         Insights as to where to place future investments and marketing focuses

–         Better profits in terms of spending rates due to an optimised portfolio

–         Understanding of how you relate to the competition

–         And more…