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Development of the Indian OTC and Pharma market to 2035

India has a huge OTC and Pharma market and is amongst the biggest markets in the world. The exponential growth of this market may be worth considering for your business. 

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. The Indian Consumer health and pharma sector supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines, 40% of generic demand in the US, and 25% of all medicine in the UK. Globally, India ranks 3rd in terms of self-medication and Rx production by volume and 14th by value. The domestic healthcare industry includes a network of more than 5,000 drug companies and ~10,500 manufacturing units. The OTC & Pharma Market should reach USD 48,7 Billion in 2035 in ex-factory, according to Chameleon Pharma Consulting Group forecasts.

Top OTC and pharma Companies in India in 2021

  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Divi’s Laboratories
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

According to the Indian Economic Survey 2021, the domestic market is expected to grow 3x in the next decade. India’s domestic OTC and pharma market is estimated at US$ 26,4 billion in 2021 and likely further expand to reach US$ 73 billion by 2035.

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The Indian OTC and pharma market in 2035

USD 48,7 Billion

OTC and pharma market size, ex-factory


OTC and pharma market growth

India in numbers

Total population


Population growth

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Mortality rate

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