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How can you make your business’s Strategy & Marketing stand out?

The questions every GM, International Director or Business Development Manager, has been asking him- or herself almost every day. It is not easy to identify your best fitting international strategy for your specific product.
Although there is no only one strategy, we at Chameleon Pharma are sure that one of the most important changes the Consumer Health, Pharma, Cosmetic or Medical Device companies have to undertake is to ensure business success by entering new markets.

Most of the developed countries in Europe only show close to 1-2% growth or even negative growth.
On the other side, the “Emerging Markets” have experienced a remarkable growth of 12 to 14% per year and are supposed to grow further.

We at Chameleon Pharma Consulting support our clients by entering the new Emerging Markets and help to develop new business strategies best fitting to the needs of our clients. For more information about our CPC Strategic Approach please click here.

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