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AS Watson Plans to Open Three Stores per Day Next Year

A.S. Watson Group is the biggest health and beauty retailer; it is present in 24 markets with over 14,300 stores. The portfolio of products AS Watson commercializes comes from different countries such as Netherlands, Germany, China, UK, Belgium, and others.

The company announced that for 2019 the goal is to open over 1,300 new stores, as they did in the past two years; this means that every seven hours a new store would be opened. As stated in the press release from AS Watson, the growth plan shows their optimistic view in the global opportunity offered in retail, as well as its forward-thinking strategy on store openings, customer service and digital transformation.

In 2010 AS Watson launched the first customer strategy, showing the determination to become a more customer centric organization through the use of analytics, surveys, digital analysis, and social listening to stay close to customers and have faster reaction to customer views and feedback.
Eight years after that customer strategy, AS Watson has over 130 million members in its loyalty program globally; this has a recorded revenue increase of 6% regarding the health and beauty business.

AS Watson continues to invest in technology that will allow to build better customer insight, and innovative digital platforms. Working close with suppliers is helping  AS Watson to ensure customers to be served with cutting edge systems, artificial intelligence and eCommerce.
All of this has been taken care of with such precision in order to ensure that customer satisfaction is at its highest point.

Featured image: Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash


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