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Find the Right Fit

At CPC we understand that the key to your success is not only finding the best candidate for the position, but it’s also about finding the most suitable person for your company. We use the most efficient recruitment methods based on:

  • Our experience and know-how in the Healthcare Consulting area. Each and every expert representative in our team lays claim to over twenty years’ experience, bringing to the table a substantial knowledge of a wide range of healthcare and brands markets, including OTC, Medical Devices, Pharma Rx., food supplements, Cosmetics, Retail, Wholesale, Dietary Supplements and FMCG. We understand what you need and know how to get it done.
  • Finding the best-fit candidates. We eff­ectively, efficiently and professionally identify the people best suited to your individual needs. Our experience (not only in the sector but also with different cultures, customs and personalities) allows us to select candidates who will add value and stay in the company—candidates that, in other words, better fi­t each of our clients.
  • Speed. A long recruitment process costs you money and time, and it breaks your company’s momentum. Our systematic candidate search process allows us to successfully establish a target list of possible candidates after only 6-7 weeks (after prospective profiles are approved), helping you to train and implement new talent sooner.

Our services are not merely limited to ordinary Pharma executive search procedures; we also specialise in more specific situations and scenarios, such as early CEO succession or the recruitment of board members.

We also screen each final target candidate individually: we ask personalised questions, check all related references and analyse their cultural, personal, educational and linguistic background to find the best person for your company.

Figure: CPC Systematic Executive Search Process

Figure: CPC Systematic Executive Search Process

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