Pharma Consulting

Using Innovative Concepts to Survive and Thrive in the Competitive Pharma Market

Our CPC associates keep themselves up-to-date with the recent changes and challenges in the global Pharma Market.

Our experts believe that the patient demand for pharmaceuticals will still remain robust in spite of the economic downturn in many parts of the world. The exponential growth rate of 5-8% in the global Pharma market reflects the loss of patent protection for top drugs in mature markets as well as the rapid growth in the Emerging Pharma Markets.

The Pharma industry is expected to continue the growth caused by ageing populations, changing lifestyles, hectic daily activities, unhealthy eating habits and the increasing incidence of chronic diseases around the world. These and other factors will provide growth opportunities for industry players.

The Pharma market is, meanwhile, highly competitive. Add the fact that companies are confronted with many difficulties and challenges when entering new markets: complicated Pharma registration processes, strict rules from Pharma regulatory bodies, constant patent expiries and the need for extensive and high-cost R&D that involves time-consuming clinical studies. Pharma companies are under constant pressure, since only top-selling or blockbuster drugs can be guaranteed to remain strong and competitive on the market.

There are several changes in this segment to be noted: a shift in growth from the developed Pharma markets to the Emerging Pharma Markets, an increasing focus on bio-pharmaceuticals compared to small molecular drugs and an increasing preference for generics compared to branded products.

CPC experts know exactly how to capitalise on those trends and changes. The Emerging Markets develop and grow so quickly; you should consider becoming a strong growth player by switching your focus and investments to the Emerging international Pharma markets.

Our experience:

  • We supported Pharma players in developing strategies for the CIS/CEE markets and identified appropriate local partners for them.
  • We helped several Pharma companies in niche segments identify Licence and M&A agreements.
  • We guided a number of Pharma and Consumer Health players through portfolio management and strategy scenarios for international markets.