Cosmetics / Derma

Sophisticated Consumers Favour the Cosmetic Market

Rising incomes and changing lifestyles inevitably influence the Cosmetic industry.

The Global Cosmetic/Derma Market has gone through some drastic transformations during the last few years, and they were driven by numerous social, economic, and cultural shifts taking place around the world. In the last two decades, it has grown by approximately 4.5% a year on average (CAGR).

Source: Chameleon Pharma Consulting

With the world population becoming more concerned about their appearances—and with consumers having an increasing spending power—Cosmetic sales are growing dramatically around the world. People are letting themselves splurge more and more on non-essential items; the demand for Cosmetic/Derma will keep growing, fuelled mainly by the Emerging Markets. Did you know that the most significant recent Cosmetic growth took place in the Pharma markets in Brazil, China, Russia, Indonesia, and Mexico with CAGRs there reaching 10-16%?

When entering international Cosmetic markets, Pharma players have to keep in mind the multiple challenges and peculiarities in the demands of different consumers. The priorities for the Asian consumer, for instance, are different from those of a European consumer—that’s why you might have to adjust the sales and marketing approaches to the expectations of your new customers. Those who come from non-Western cultures behave differently, and expect different things, than those who come from Western cultures.

Another challenge you might face is the different conditions of Cosmetic registration and regulation in certain countries. With our knowledge and experience in this area, we can easily help you find out whether there’s an expedited registration process available in a country, which documents are needed, how you can use your studies and product claims, and more.

Our experience:

  • We have worked on more than 50 Cosmetic projects during the last six years, mostly in the area of business development. We are also very experienced at identifying the best-fitting dynamic partners for your brands in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the CIS/CEE region.
  • We have helped Cosmetic/Derma companies perform pre-market analysis in order to plot their potential against the competition.
  • We have supported a number of Cosmetic/Derma players in setting acquisition targets and selling brands.